New PESCI dates available!

We are glad to announce that we have added new dates for candidates who would like to sit their PESCI interview with IME in the upcoming weeks and months.

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Education To Inspire

The Institute of Medical Education (IME) provides courses for current and future health professionals. Our range of courses include medical admissions preparation such as GAMSAT preparation, placement for international medical graduates, through to continuing professional development (CPD) for specialist practitioners.

Expertly Created

At the Institute of Medical Education, all courses are created by the experts. Our content is made by doctors, for doctors.

Versatile Courses

Whether you are a Consultant or hoping to study medicine, we have courses to suit all stages of your medical career.

Flexible Learning

We know you're busy. IME offers the choice between live online learning, face-to-face classes and distance courses.

Personal Support

IME's Academic Faculty provides personal support and guidance as you embark on the next stage of your medical career.

Our study types

METC Pre-Medical

IME Pre-Medical

Begin your medical career the right way with our comprehensive range of pre-medical preparation courses. Prepare for the UCAT, GAMSAT and the medical admissions interviews with IME. Don't leave your position in medical school to chance.

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METC Professional

IME Professional

Our professional courses are designed for Surgeons, GPs, Registrars and Nurses seeking to improve their skills, obtain CPD or prepare for RACGP Fellowship exams. IME also prepares candidates for the Surgical Education and Training program.

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METC International

IME International

Our specialised courses help IMGs to pass their AMC exams, giving them a greater opportunity to gain general medical registration in Australia. The Institute of Medical Education is an accredited PESCI provider and is now accepting bookings.

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Students accepted into
Australian medical schools each year


Applications for Surgical
Specialties each year


Doctors born overseas
working in Australia

Innovative learning

Our user-friendly and intuitive learning management system allows our students to study with peace of mind, connect with our support team and contact your tutor directly.

With live, online and in-person lectures and workshops, you received the best of all worlds under our flexible learning model.

Best of all, every enrolled student receives access to our professional faculty of doctors who are available to answer any questions you may have during your course or program.

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Our Values

The Institute of Medical Education promises to deliver the best and highest quality medical educational products and services that will equip you with the knowledge and skills required for you to progress in your medical career.


Our History

The Institute of Medical Education is an international organisation proudly founded in Australia and operated by specialist medical practitioners. IME provides quality medical educational products and services globally.


Where to access free material to help you succeed in your GAMSAT and MMI

Where to access free material to help you succeed in your GAMSAT and MMI

We have prepared a free mock GAMSAT exam and Section II essay generator to assist in your study, which can be found on our website.

${reading_time(`The Institute of Medical Education has prepared a free mock GAMSAT exam and Section II essay generator to assist in your study, which can be found on our¬†website. If you are further along your medicine journey and would like help with Interview preparation, try our free MMI interview scenarios generator¬†here. And if you are looking for an extended study program, you are welcome to have a read of our updated Pre-Medical brochures¬†here. We hold regular free webinars, and you will be kept in the loop regarding future sessions. In the meantime, you can access our 2022 Webinar Schedule¬†here.¬†For more educational material, search "Institute of Medical Education" on Facebook, LinkedIn, and¬†YouTube¬†‚ÄĒ our Instagram (@pre_ime) and TikTok (@IMEmedical) pages are also a good source of fun. We have also released solutions to Section 3, ACER Practice Test 1 and 3 (formerly Green & Pink booklets, respectively). In these videos I explain in detail how to approach and answer each question. You can access the videos in their respective playlists on our YouTube¬†channel.`)} Arror right

A Fun De-Stress GAMSAT Advent Calendar

A Fun De-Stress GAMSAT Advent Calendar

A fun de-stress advent calendar for you to try out in anticipation for the release ofSeptember GAMSAT 2022 results next month.  GAMSAT 2022 is finally over!

${reading_time(`Written by Dr Hassan Choucair GAMSAT 2022 is finally over, hooray! The exam cycle has most likely consumed your life, and yes, that feeling you have right now is called free time ‚ÄĒ a foreign concept to many candidates. Exam results do not come out until mid-November and the stress is getting to you; so, what should you do to pass the time? Here is a quick list of activities to keep you occupied before your results are released in November. We call it the de-stress advent calendar ‚ÄĒ the hope is that you receive a favourable GAMSAT score on the 25 th day. Good luck! 1. Make and cook your own handmade pasta.2. Beginners: go for a 2 km jog. Seasoned: add an extra 4 km to your next run.3. Visit a new street or square in your neighbourhood.4. Plant and grow your own herbs or chilies.5. Learn basic music theory and practice your singing.6. Buy a unique piece of clothing from an op-shop and wear it for the day.7. Try yoga, pilates, or stretching exercises.8. Watch the sunrise or sunset and try locating constellations in the night sky.9. Have a picnic in your city‚Äôs most attractive park.10. Go to the library and borrow a book to read.11. Visit a museum.12. Buy fresh flowers for yourself, a deserved family member or a dear friend.13. Update your resum√©.14. Volunteer your time somewhere or look for volunteer work.15. Explore a new suburb in your city.16. Get a massage or visit your local doctor for a health check.17. Try a cuisine from a culture you are not familiar with.18. Draw, paint or colour a picture book.19. Learn and play a sport you are not familiar with.20. Organise an event or dinner with your friends.21. Reflect and write a short story on your life so far.22. Listen and critically analyse music from a genre you are not familiar with.23. Beginners: go for a swim. Seasoned: add an extra 500 m to your next swim.24. Go to cinema and watch a movie.`)} Arror right

Introducing the Institute of Medical Education

Introducing the Institute of Medical Education

Introducing the Institute of Medical Education. METC Institute is pleased to announce that we have changed our name to the Institute of Medical Education, affectionately known as IME. 

${reading_time(` Introducing the Institute of Medical Education. METC Institute is pleased to announce that we have changed our name to the Institute of Medical Education, affectionately known as IME.  When METC Institute was founded in 2013, our vision was to improve the quality of health care around the world through the provision of comprehensive and affordable education products. After a period of exciting growth and expansion, we have decided to update our brand to better reflect who we are and all that we have to offer. A major catalyst and in this change was our official accreditation with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to formally conduct PESCIs for International Medical Graduates. In obtaining accreditation, IME will be joining the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) and the ACRRM (Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine) as the third accredited organisation.  IME is proud to be officially accepting applications for PESCI. Today, we launched this new service alongside our brand new website. Rest assured that our expert educators are enthusiastic about our new brand and we expect minimal disruption to current students. You will continue to receive communication and resources over the next few weeks as we transition from METC Institute to the Institute of Medical Education. We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do.  Regards, Dr Kenneth Loon MBBS, B.Pharm (Hons), FRACS Executive Director Institute of Medical Education (formerly METC Institute)`)} Arror right

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