However, as a robust understanding of Australian General Practice is expected from PESCI candidates, IME does provide courses that aim to orient IMGs to Australian Medical Practice. The following courses aim to provide a good foundation of knowledge that will be useful for PESCI:


General FAQ

How do I enrol in an IME course or program?

IME makes it simple to enrol into your desired course.

Complete your enrolment in the 3 easy steps below:

1. Find your study area

2. Choose your course

3. Enrol

Read our guide to enrolment here.

What is the history of IME?

The Institute of Medical Education (IME), formerly METC Institute, is an international organisation proudly founded in Australia and operated by specialist medical practitioners. IME currently provides high quality medical educational products and services in Australia and all over the world. 

You can read more about us here.

Who are the members of the IME Academic Faculty?

 The Institute of Medical Education (IME) values the provision of exceptional education and academia. IME hand picks the members of our team to ensure we achieve excellence for our students.

Each division within IME's portfolio is led by experienced professionals with an abundance of expertise and specialised knowledge within their teaching area.

IME separates our team into four main divisions. 

How do I pay for IME courses or programs?

The Institute of Medical Education's mission is to provide comprehensive and high quality medical education for an affordable price. IME offers flexible payment options for your convenience. 

Instalment options are also available for select courses. 

You can read more about our finance options here. 

Are all courses and programs delivered online?

We know that you're busy. That's why we provide flexible delivery of our courses that is tailored to your needs. 

Our user-friendly and intuitive learning management system allows our students to study with peace of mind, connect with our support team and contact your tutor directly, no matter where you are. 

With live, online and in-person lectures and workshops, you received the best of all worlds under our flexible learning model.

Where is IME located?

IME is well versed in delivering quality education all over the world. Our head office is located on the Gold Coast, Australia.



When is the next available PESCI date?

Please contact us directly for the current available interview dates.

Can I pay after submitting my documents?

In order to apply, first purchase your PESCI interview on the website then follow the link provided to submit your documents.

How long after my PESCI do I receive my result?

The PESCI report will be completed and submitted to the candidate within 14 business days.

Can I apply for two practice positions with one PESCI application?

Each PESCI interview is applicable to one job offer only. 

I cannot attend my PESCI due to unforeseen circumstances. Can I apply for a refund?

Please see our cancellation terms and conditions here

Can I swap my PESCI date?

An administration fee of $500 will apply for any further administration efforts that extend the usual PESCI process. This may include a request to change an already submitted PESCI application, or to reschedule the date & time of PESCI. Candidates are advised that they may only reschedule their PESCI once, and must provide notice in writing no less than 21 days prior to the interview. After this time, the cancellation policy will apply.

Where can I find the documents I need to fill out and submit my PESCI application?

You can find IME’s templates under Useful Resources here.

Is IME registered to provide PESCIs for all Australian states and territories?

Candidates from all states are eligible to apply.

Can I swap my in-person PESCI to a virtual interview (vice versa)?

Should you need to amend your Interview please contact the IME team on info@imemedical.com. Administration fees may apply.

Are PESCI results final or is there an avenue to contest the outcome?

Please, find our review and appeals policy here.

How is the PESCI structured and will it be the same if it was an in-person or virtual interview?

The in-person and virtual interviews are structured the same whether completing face-to-face in our Gold Coast QLD office or via Zoom.

Do I need to pass an English test before sitting PESCI?

This is not a requirement for your PESCI interview.

Can I submit my pre-filled documents or do I have to submit documents using the IME template?

All documents must be completed in our IME template.

Can I pay for my PESCI in instalments?

The interview fee is payable in full upon application.

I made a mistake on my application and only realised after my PESCI. Can this be fixed?

Please contact us directly to discuss this issue. Administration fees may apply.

How long does the PESCI application process take?

It may take up to ten business days to review your application, however if changes are required this may delay the approval of your application. 

Does IME offer PESCI preparation courses?

As IME is an AMC accredited PESCI Provider, we do not provide formal PESCI Preparation courses ourself. 

However, as a robust understanding of Australian General Practice is expected from PESCI candidates, IME does provide courses that aim to orient IMGs to Australian Medical Practice. Find our courses that aim to provide a good foundation of knowledge that will be useful for PESCI here.


Pre-Medical Division FAQ

I am unsure if your Programs will get me into Medicine

If you are a student who approaches their studies with vigour and is willing to work hard to achieve your goals, then you are a great match for our preparation services. Our team has extensive experience in guiding students in their exam preparation, medical school applications, and interviews. Sometimes entry into Medicine occurs on the first attempt; however, more often than not, further attempts are required.

Of course, sometimes students work very hard and still miss out on a place in Medicine as it is a competitive endeavour. In these cases, we continue to work with students to help them improve and to realise their goal of becoming a Doctor.

I am too old to study Medicine

The average age of the Australian medical student lies between 24–27, depending on the school. However, this is just an average and there are many students in their thirties, forties, and even later. It really is never too late to follow a career in Medicine!

I completed my last university degree over 5 years ago. I don't know if I am eligible for entry into medical school

GAMSAT is available to any person who has completed a Bachelor or an undergraduate honours degree, or who will be in the penultimate (second-last) or final year of study, at the time of sitting the test.

At most medical schools, your degree must have been completed within 10 years of the projected medical degree commencement date. Applicants whose degree was completed outside the 10 year period must contact the relevant school for eligibility requirements.

I'm not smart enough to score well in the GAMSAT

Most people have the capacity to perform in GAMSAT and in a medical degree. The challenge for most lies in developing the necessary competencies for success in the GAMSAT and then applying these competencies. If you have completed an undergraduate degree with a GPA of > 5.5/7, you can achieve a competitive score in GAMSAT and enter Medicine. From this point, it is a matter of working hard to build proficiency in the domains of GAMSAT and applying your skills in the exam.

I don't have time to study for the GAMSAT

Do you have a spare four hours per week? If so, you have time to study for GAMSAT! All our GAMSAT courses can be completed with minimal impingement on your current work, study, or lifestyle commitments. Additionally, our Programs can be commenced at any time, and completed online from anywhere in the world.

My GPA is too low or not competitive enough

Provided you have a GPA of above 5.0 (on a 7.0 scale), you are eligible to enter most Australian postgraduate medical schools. However, there are implications for how universities use your GPA.

Some universities use the GPA criteria as a hurdle: if you have a GPA > 5.0/7, you are eligible and the actual magnitude of your GPA from this point is irrelevant. For example, if you have a GPA of 5.2 and your friend has a GPA of 6.9, such schools would see you both as equal.

Most other universities consider the magnitude of your GPA. They do this in combination with your GAMSAT score when making offers. Though the actual formula may vary, a common way to consider this is as follows.

Say you have a GPA of 6.5, and your friend has a GPA of 6.0. If you both achieve a GAMSAT score of 70, your combined scores will be calculated according to the following:

Your score = ((6.5/7) x 100) + GAMSAT score of 70 = 162.85

Your friend’s score = ((6/7) x 100) + GAMSAT score of 70 = 155.71

It is these combined scores that are used to rank candidates for interview. In general, to be competitive you should be aiming for a combined score above 155.

Given the calculations above, it is also worth considering which type of school favours your GPA. In general, we suggest that those with a GPA in the range of 5.0–6.0 aim for schools that use the GPA criteria as a hurdle. Those with a GPA of > 6.0 will be more competitive in the schools which rank GPA, and in these cases the higher your GPA, the greater your combined score and with it the chance of an interview. It must be stressed however that those with a GPA < 6.0 are still capable of being competitive at a school which ranks GPA, especially where other criteria such as portfolios or rurality are involved.

Some medical schools require a portfolio of personal and community experience for admission. I doubt my portfolio is good enough for Medicine entry

Do not fall into the trap of believing you are not the ideal Medical student. In reality, you are just as qualified for entry into Medicine as the rest of the cohort. Write down all your accomplishments — whether big or small — and rank them in order of importance. Next, try to "sell yourself" — the key to a successful portfolio submission is persuasion. Try convincing the committee that the skills learnt from your experiences mirror those required of a medical professional. In addition, students enrolled in a GAMSAT or UCAT Program can liaise with a member of the IME Academic Faculty to develop a strong portfolio and will receive constructive feedback for improvement.

Your programs are expensive, I could just watch educational videos online for free

The IME Academic Faculty comprises a team of qualified and experienced tertiary educators. We offer intensive, detailed, and comprehensive one-stop resources. Once enrolled in the correct course or program, students will not require any further materials to prepare. Moreover, all student progress is tracked and support is always available.

In addition to quality, our GAMSAT programs deliver time savings while you study by teaching you both what to study, and how to study it. In the long-term, we save you time and effort by helping you achieve your best score faster.

Finally, it is important to consider the cost of not enrolling in a preparation course. For instance, delaying your progression into Medicine by a year or two subsequently delays your entry into the medical profession with a resultant downstream impact of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of lost earnings. In this context, even the most comprehensive preparation programs like the GAMSAT Premier Program (course fee $5,997) seems a modest investment.

I don't have a background in science nor mathematics and I am sure I will score poorly in the GAMSAT because of this

The IME offers intensive and detailed resources for prerequisite GAMSAT science units. Our Academic Faculty comprises a team of experienced university educators who can guide your learning through personal tutorials and provide expert advice on areas of concern.

Are all classes online or will there also be in-person seminars

IME Pre-Medical programs are interactive and provide students with unlimited support. For ease of access, all courses and inclusions such as personal tutorials and Q&A Webinars can be completed online. We are currently based in the Gold Coast and also offer in-person tutorials to students at their convenience. Additionally, live Medicine Admissions Interview workshops are held in capital cities across Australia in preparation for Medicine/Dentistry interviews. Pending COVID-19 restrictions, live GAMSAT/UCAT workshops will also run on-site in the Gold Coast.

Does IME provide UCAT example questions and practice tests

The UCAT Consortium provide free example questions and practice tests representative of the live test on their website. The IME provides five personalised one-on-one tutorials with a member of our Academic Faculty and focuses classes on the five key domains of the UCAT exam. We also provide five, on-demand recorded lectures that teach students specific approaches to each of the question archetypes seen in the UCAT.

It is recommended you use official UCAT material in conjunction with the IME UCAT Premier program to prepare for your test.

Talk to an expert

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Expertly Created

At the Institute of Medical Education, all courses are created by the experts. Our content is made by doctors, for doctors.

Versatile Courses

Whether you are a Consultant or hoping to study medicine, we have courses to suit all stages of your medical career.

Flexible Learning

We know you're busy. IME offers the choice between live online learning, face-to-face classes and distance courses.

Industry Partnerships

IME coordinates placements for international doctors at the top practices in Australia, ensuring IMGs are supervised by the best.

The single most important tip to help you adjust to university life.

The single most important tip to help you adjust to university life.

The holiday season is officially over, and it has just dawned on you that your university orientation is… *checks timetable* tomorrow?! No need to hit the panic button yet...

${reading_time(` The holiday season is officially over, and it has just dawned on you that your university orientation is… *checks timetable* tomorrow?! No need to hit the panic button yet, as this new chapter in your life signals a time of optimism. Whether this is your first, second, or third start to the university year, one piece of advice still holds true: “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Your university experience will vary to that of your peers, even to those with identical class timetables. You will meet people from all walks of life, some with subjectively privileged upbringings and others with the hopes of repaying the sacrifices their family made to give them a better chance at life. Yes, I am generalising here, and this list should be exhaustive (nor are the two examples I provided mutually exclusive); but the truth is, that was my experience. Initially, I found it hard to make friends and keep up with the high demands of the degree. I grew to resent other students who I perceived to have a thriving social life and still score well in assessments, something I was naively conditioned to believe was not possible. I had to keep reminding myself I deserved to be here — I received an offer to study at this university just like everybody else. However, this isn’t one of those sob stories, and I am not asking for your sympathy. What I am inferring is that imposter syndrome is real and it’s OK to not know what you are doing. Luckily, it took me only one semester to snap out of this adverse mindset. Over time, I realised that whilst my experience was seemingly different, most students shared universal issues. Now as an academic myself, I can pass on a few tips that I wish I knew before I started university. It’s OK to not make friends immediately or skip social occasions to study. It’s also OK (with reason) to prioritize social events over study. It’s OK to never understand a subject matter, no matter how hard you try — failing a class is not a unique experience and can happen to anyone. The whole point of university is to find out your strengths and weaknesses, and to exploit this knowledge for your future career in the workforce. Naturally, it’s OK to dislike your assignment group members, some people really are hard to work with. Herein lies the university experience paradox: your experiences are unique to other students but instantaneously similar at the same time. This explains why so many students feel disenfranchised with the whole process. It goes without saying that there is no point in comparing yourself to others. Focus and work on your own strengths and flaws, irrespective of those around you. Your time at university will be some of the best years of your young adult life, so try to make the best of it. Whilst comparison may be the thief of joy: “Pessimism leads to weakness and optimism to power”. Enjoy your upcoming university orientation events and good luck in your studies. Power to you, you have earned it. `)} Arror right

Where to access free material to help you succeed in your GAMSAT and MMI

Where to access free material to help you succeed in your GAMSAT and MMI

We have prepared a free mock GAMSAT exam and Section II essay generator to assist in your study, which can be found on our website.

${reading_time(`The Institute of Medical Education has prepared a free mock GAMSAT exam and Section II essay generator to assist in your study, which can be found on our website. If you are further along your medicine journey and would like help with Interview preparation, try our free MMI interview scenarios generator here. And if you are looking for an extended study program, you are welcome to have a read of our updated Pre-Medical brochures here. We hold regular free webinars, and you will be kept in the loop regarding future sessions. In the meantime, you can access our 2022 Webinar Schedule here. For more educational material, search "Institute of Medical Education" on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube — our Instagram (@pre_ime) and TikTok (@IMEmedical) pages are also a good source of fun. We have also released solutions to Section 3, ACER Practice Test 1 and 3 (formerly Green &amp; Pink booklets, respectively). In these videos I explain in detail how to approach and answer each question. You can access the videos in their respective playlists on our YouTube channel.`)} Arror right

A Fun De-Stress GAMSAT Advent Calendar

A Fun De-Stress GAMSAT Advent Calendar

A fun de-stress advent calendar for you to try out in anticipation for the release ofSeptember GAMSAT 2022 results next month.  GAMSAT 2022 is finally over!

${reading_time(`Written by Dr Hassan Choucair GAMSAT 2022 is finally over, hooray! The exam cycle has most likely consumed your life, and yes, that feeling you have right now is called free time — a foreign concept to many candidates. Exam results do not come out until mid-November and the stress is getting to you; so, what should you do to pass the time? Here is a quick list of activities to keep you occupied before your results are released in November. We call it the de-stress advent calendar — the hope is that you receive a favourable GAMSAT score on the 25 th day. Good luck! 1. Make and cook your own handmade pasta.2. Beginners: go for a 2 km jog. Seasoned: add an extra 4 km to your next run.3. Visit a new street or square in your neighbourhood.4. Plant and grow your own herbs or chilies.5. Learn basic music theory and practice your singing.6. Buy a unique piece of clothing from an op-shop and wear it for the day.7. Try yoga, pilates, or stretching exercises.8. Watch the sunrise or sunset and try locating constellations in the night sky.9. Have a picnic in your city’s most attractive park.10. Go to the library and borrow a book to read.11. Visit a museum.12. Buy fresh flowers for yourself, a deserved family member or a dear friend.13. Update your resumé.14. Volunteer your time somewhere or look for volunteer work.15. Explore a new suburb in your city.16. Get a massage or visit your local doctor for a health check.17. Try a cuisine from a culture you are not familiar with.18. Draw, paint or colour a picture book.19. Learn and play a sport you are not familiar with.20. Organise an event or dinner with your friends.21. Reflect and write a short story on your life so far.22. Listen and critically analyse music from a genre you are not familiar with.23. Beginners: go for a swim. Seasoned: add an extra 500 m to your next swim.24. Go to cinema and watch a movie.`)} Arror right