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Our IMG Training Programs make the dreams of IMG Doctors come true. Take the opportunity to work, earn and learn in Australian General Practice. We have helped hundreds of IMGs — let us help you.

Competitive Salary

Earn a competitive salary in Australia while working towards your Fellowship. IME connects you with a job in an Australian General Practice which offers a compensation package of over $200,000.

Fellowship Preparation

Obtain your Fellowship with ease. IME provides you with education and training to help you succeed in your Fellowship exams. Receive personal support by IME's Academic Faculty every step of the way.

Work as a GP in Australia

The Institute of Medical Education has unmatched experience in transitioning International Medical Graduates (IMGs) into Australian medical practice.

Our IMG Training Programs make it easy for IMGs to live and work as a doctor in Australia.

We help IMGs earn a competitive salary in Australia while they prepare for Fellowship. Our expert Academic Faculty of Medical Practitioners provide personalised assistance to IMGs in all steps of the journey.


About The IMG Training Programs

The Institute of Medical Education's IMG Training Programs are world-class training programs for International Medical Graduates wishing to pursue a career in medicine in Australia. Our Programs enable IMGs to build their medical knowledge and experience, develop competence and familiarity with the Australian health care system and ultimately meet the requirements of the Australian Medical Council to achieve Specialist Registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

To facilitate their transition into Australian medical practice, IMGs receive a competitive salary package as they are prepared for their Fellowship Examinations with IME.

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IMG Training Programs

The Institute of Medical Education's IMG Training Programs helps make the dreams of IMGs come true. The IMG Training Programs assist IMGs through a formal education and teaching program that includes paid supervised work placement and training, online education courses and training workshops. Eligible IMGs receive guaranteed employment in an accredited Australian General Practice and will earn a competitive salary package. 

IMG Training Programs

IMG Training Programs

Calendar4 Years of Guaranteed Paid Placement

Clock$200,000/yr Salary Package for 4 Years

PinOnline & In-person

  • Guaranteed Placement
  • $200,000+ Salary Package
  • Organised Supervision in an Accredited General Practice
  • One-on-One Support with IME's Academic Faculty
  • Orientation to Australian Medical Practice
  • Group Tutorials & Training Workshops
  • Fellowship Exam Preparation
  • Access to 8 Online Courses
  • Covered Tuition Costs for Fellowship Support Program

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DPA areas for IMGs

What are Distribution Priority Areas?

If you’re an IMG who’s been looking at coming to work in Australia, you’ve probably come across the term Distribution Priority Area, or DPA. This week, we’re taking a closer...

${reading_time(` First of all, The Australian Government’s Department of Health defines a DPA as “an area where people don’t have enough access to doctors, based on the needs of the community.” Not all Australian communities have equitable and adequate access to doctors and this is a significant problem, especially in regional, rural and remote communities. So, what determines whether a location is DPA? If the location is classed as MM 5 to MM 7 under the Modified Monash Model, or if it’s in the Northern Territory it’s automatically classified as a DPA location. The age and gender demographics, and the socioeconomic status of patients living within the area help to determine the needs of the population which is then compared to a service benchmark. Where the level of health services for the population fails to meet a service benchmark, these locations are classified as DPA. For IMGs, MM 2 locations are the benchmark. This means that to be eligible to obtain a Medicare Provider Number under section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth), an IMG must work in a MM 2 (think along the lines of Toowoomba in Queensland) to MM 7 (this is more like Coober Pedy in South Australia), DPA location. For more information on section 19AB exemptions, you can check out our previous blog post.   Figuring out where you can work when you want to start the Australian leg of your medical career can be daunting, but that’s where we come in. Check out our IMG Registrar Training Program and PEP Registrar Training Programs, both of which include a paid clinical placement which we organise on your behalf with one of our exclusive partnered medical practices.`)} Arror right

Five Website Links Every IMG Should Visit

Five Website Links Every IMG Should Visit

We’ve put together a list of the top five website links we recommend all IMGs visit when considering the Standard Pathway.

${reading_time(` As you may already know, the Standard Pathway is designed for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) as a means to attaining General Registration as a medical practitioner in Australia with the Medical Board of Australia. It involves completion of the below Australian Medical Council’s (AMC) exams OR, the completion of an AMC approved workplace-based assessment program. AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Examination AMC Clinical Examination IMGs undertaking the Standard pathway must also successfully complete 12 months of supervised practice in an approved position. Whilst the Standard Pathway is a great option for IMGs striving to work as a doctor in Australia, it can be somewhat confusing understanding how the full process works. To save you time and stress, we’ve put together a list of the top five website links we recommend all IMGs visit when considering the Standard Pathway.   Medical Board of Australia This page on the Medical Board of Australia’s website is a great starting point for doctors who are just beginning their research into the Standard Pathway. It details a brief overview of who this option is suitable for, how to apply for the Standard Pathway, what primary source of verification IMGs require to take this pathway, and the different types of registration needed along the way. The MBA also touches on how to apply for General Registration once IMGs have completed this pathway, and even provide a downloadable document with guidance on the documentary evidence required to support an application for General Registration. From this page, you can also view information about the Competent Authority Pathway and Specialist Pathway, if you want to do a quick check to ensure you are not eligible for one of these alternative options. AMC MCQ Examination Once you have a basic understanding of what examinations you need to complete and the full process, the next step is to research the AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Examination, also known as the AMC MCQ Exam. Here you can read all about the exam including how many questions candidates will be tested on, the number of questions covered per each patient group, and how long the exam runs for. There are also quick links available to helpful information such as the locations for each exam venue (available worldwide), upcoming exam dates and how to apply for the exam. You can even download a free copy of the AMC MCQ Examination Specifications Booklet   AMC Clinical Examination Unlike the AMC MCQ Exam, the AMC Clinical Examination has a high failure rate. This means it is essential to not only choose the right exam preparation program to assist you, but also do your research into what is involved with this exam ahead of time. On this page you will be directed to information regarding the exam format, fees and the release of results.   AMC FAQS If you are puzzled by any of the information you read about the AMC or their exams, you can visit this FAQ page they created to answer the most common questions they receive from candidates. These range from questions relating to the AMC portal and login access, to the types of eligible medical qualifications, and even what questions the AMC can’t assist you with (with links to the appropriate third party websites that can). Chances are that you will find the answer you are looking for on this page, but in the case that you don’t, you can contact the AMC via phone or email.   IME - International Whether you are needing to complete both exams, or just a select one, IME can assist with all of your AMC exam preparation, and even securing your 12 month supervised practice position. Through this link, you can scroll through the range of individual preparation courses and programs, as well as view the comprehensive IMG Australia Training Program that prepares doctors for both exams and provides a 12 month, paid supervised placement in one of our Australian partner organisations. `)} Arror right