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Course code


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RACGP Clinical Competency Exam (CCE)

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Course workload

1 Full Day Workshop

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Delivery method

100% Online

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Access duration

1 Year



$1,497.00 AUD

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About the Program

The RACGP CCE Live Workshop (GP206) is an intensive, interactive and hands-on workshop specially designed for GP registrars preparing for the RACGP Fellowship CCE.

The course consists of intensive tutorials and small group, personalised clinical coaching that focuses on all elements of the RACGP CCE Fellowship Exam.  Candidates work specifically to gain critical skills and insights required for excellent performance in the RACGP CCE Fellowship Exam.  The RACGP CCE Fellowship Exam is a high-stakes examination that represents the final hurdle to attaining Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and specialist registration as a Vocationally-Registered (VR) General Practitioner.  This course provides candidates with the intensive, personalised preparation required to excel in this exam.

    Subject Structure

    The RACGP Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) comprises 14 clinical patient presentations – either eight minutes or 19 minutes in duration, with three-minute rest periods. Candidates can expect to complete the OSCE in approximately four hours.

    The eight-minute station of the exam requires candidates to focus on certain aspects of a consultation, rather than an entire consultation. This may include physical examinations or practical procedures. The 19-minute station requires candidates to focus on and manage entire consultations, including outcome and follow-up.

    The most recent CCE report shows an overall pass rate of 83.57% and a mean score of 68.80%, out of a total of 986 candidates who sat the exam. Pass rates by number of attempts was 85.76% for the first attempt, 76.19% for the second attempt, and 58.33% for the third attempt.

    IME's RACGP CCE Live Workshop recognises that candidates typically under-perform in specific areas including but not limited to:

    • Comprehension and focus on the salient points in the OSCE station
    • Patient-centred communication
    • Approach to history-taking for specific presenting complaints
    • Systematic physical examination
    • Prioritisation of and engaging the patient in management

    Subject Content

    The RACGP live OSCE course is run as a completely representative trial RACGP Fellowship OSCE featuring 14 stations each of either 8 or 19 minutes duration. The stations are designed to reflect the typical difficulty and spectrum of presentations seen in the real exam.

    The course is facilitated by senior general practitioners and conducted in a small group setting to allow a personalised focus and maximal interaction. Stations in the exam are written and selected in accordance with the core competencies as stated by the RACGP and outlined below. 

    Cases discussed during the workshop will be released post workshop.

    Communication and Rapport – This covers how candidates go about obtaining a patient’s history, explaining the problem and management, and negotiating agreement on the management plan. Candidates should be patient-centred, empathic and show  that they understand the patient’s concerns, ideas and expectations. The way the candidates ask questions makes a difference.

    History taking – This is not random information gathering, but should be relevant and organised. It reveals clinical thinking. Candidates should learn to apply Murtagh’s safe diagnostic strategy: probability diagnosis, serious disorders, pitfalls, masquerades, and look for the hidden agenda.

    Physical Examination – Candidates should be systematic and logical, and should also consider the patient’s comfort, and explain what they are doing, and communicate findings (positive and significant negative findings) to the examiner as they examine.

    Investigations – These should be appropriate to the stage of presentation. Candidates should remember to consider office/surgery tests, and select relevant, cost-effective investigations in an appropriate sequence, displaying consideration for the safety and comfort of the patient. More is not better: consider what is most useful to discriminate between differential diagnoses. Will the result of this investigation change your management?

    Diagnosis – Candidates may be asked to give a diagnosis, list differential diagnosis, or for a problem definition list. Remember the probability diagnosis and learn to prioritise any list.

    Management – Candidates should determine whether they are being asked only for the initial management. If not, they should consider short-term and long-term management and patient support. Explaining the problem is more than using simple language and it is important to organise and prioritise information in order to avoid overwhelming the patient. Check the patient’s understanding and response to a proposed management plan and remember to safety-net.


    Exit Examination

    The formal exit examination for this course consists of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) exam.  This examination is conducted and operated independently through the RACGP.  The costs of this exam is not included in the course fees for this subject. 

      How to enrol

      To enrol in this course and make payment, click on the ‘Enrol’ button at the top of the page. Access is provided to students within 24 hrs.

      Course fees include access to the online modules and workshops for 365 days. Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application. Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.



      This IME Professional course is designed by Specialist Doctors and Senior Lecturers from leading Australian University Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals. Minimum qualification standards include MBBS with specialist qualification and registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All courses are delivered by experienced lecturers with proven success in the medical space. 

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