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Course code


Course scope


RACGP AKT Preparation

Course workload

Course workload

57 Weeks

Delivery method

Delivery method

100% Online

Contact time

Contact time

On-Demand and Online


No. of modules


Access duration

Access duration

1 Year



$4,997.00 AUD

About the Program

RACGP AKT Combined Preparation Program (GP300) is a complete solution for GP registrars planning to sit the Advanced Knowledge Test (AKT) Fellowship exam. The program combines the below two courses:

  • Foundations of Australian General Practice Course (GP201)
  • RACGP AKT Advanced Strategies Course (GP202)

    Subject Structure

    The RACGP AKT Combined Preparation Program is completed entirely online and on-demand.  Firstly, the Foundations of Australian General Practice Course (GP201) completed by GP registrars over a 42-week study plan. The course consists of 21 online modules that are scheduled to be completed over 1-3 week periods. The course is designed to be conveniently completed around the busy schedule of registrar training.

    During or after completion of GP201, candidates complete the RACGP AKT Preparation Advanced Strategies Course (GP202). This course is completed online over 10-20 weeks under the guidance of the academic faculty.  Candidates work through each trial AKT Exam and undergo further study in problem-based learning format under the guidance and support of an expert academic faculty.

      Subject Content

      The RACGP AKT Preparation Program aims to extract maximum candidate performance in the RACGP AKT Fellowship exam. This is achieved by completing the two courses outlined below. 

      The Foundations of Australian General Practice Course subject teaches medical knowledge and skills for the RACGP AKT and KFP exams. The course works through the RACGP Fellowship syllabus via examination of disease processes, presentation, clinical examination, diagnosis, investigation, and management.


      Week 1 Module 1 - Integument / Dermatology
      Week 2-3 Module 2 - Head and Neck / ENT
      Week 4-6 Module 3 - Nervous System / Neurology
      Week 7-9 Module 4 - Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedics / Rheumatology
      Week 10-12 Module 5 - Circulatory System / Heart/ Vessels
      Week 13-15 Module 6 - Respiratory System / Lungs/ Chest Wall
      Week 16 - 18 Module 7 - Gastrointestinal System / Abdomen / Abdominal Wall
      Week 19-20 Module 8 - Breast / Endocrine System
      Week 21-23 Module 9 - Female Reproductive System / Obstetrics & Gynaecology
      Week 24-25 Module 10 - Haemopoietic System / Haematology / Blood / Blood Products
      Week 26-28 Module 11 - Renal System / Urology / Male Reproductive System
      Week 29 Module 12 - Mental State / Intellectual Function / Behavioural Problems
      Week 30 Module 13 - Major Psychiatric Disorders / Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
      Week 31 - 32 Module 14 - Normal & Abnormal Growth & Development / Child Health / Paediatrics
      Week 33-34 Module 15 - Nutrition / Metabolism
      Week 35 Module 16 - Infectious Diseases
      Week 36 Module 17 - Clinical Pharmacology
      Week 37 Module 18 - Clinical Oncology
      Week 38 Module 19 - Clinical Immunology
      Week 39-40 Module 20 - Critical Care / Anaesthesia / Emergency Medicine
      Week 41-42 Module 21 - General Practice / Public Health

      The RACGP AKT Preparation Advanced Strategies Course includes 10 full-length AKT Trial Exams (total of 1500 MCQ’s) combining a mixture of question types including: 

      • Single best answer
      • Modified extended matching


      Based on knowledge built from foundation courses such as GP201, candidates will utilise problem-based learning strategies in the domains of:

      • Adult Health -Medicine
      • Adult Health – Surgery
      • Women’s Health
      • Child Health
      • Mental Health
      • Population Health & Ethics

      Exit Examination

      The formal exit examination for this course consists of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) exam.  This examination is conducted and operated independently through the RACGP.  The costs of this exam is not included in the course fees for the program.

      How to enrol

      To enrol in this course and make payment, click on the ‘Enrol’ button at the top of the page. Access is provided to students within 24 hrs.

      Course fees include access to the online modules and workshops for 365 days. Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application. Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.



      This IME Professional course is designed by Specialist Doctors and Senior Lecturers from leading Australian University Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals. Minimum qualification standards include MBBS with specialist qualification and registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All courses are delivered by experienced lecturers with proven success in the medical space. 

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