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Course code


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AMC Clinical Exam Preparation

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Course workload

3 AMC Clinical Preparation Subjects

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Delivery method

100% Online

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Contact time

On Demand & Online


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Access duration

1 Year



$4,992.50 AUD

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About the Subject

IM400 combines the three below courses to ensure that enrolled candidates have the training and skills necessary for exceptional performance and success in the AMC Clinical Exam.

  • Essentials for AMC Exam Preparation Course (IM100) 
  • Bridging Course for the AMC Clinical Exam (IM201)
  • Advanced Strategies for AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Course (IM202)

        Subject Structure

        The AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Program aims to provide AMC candidates with the clinical knowledge and skills necessary for excellence and success at the AMC Clinical Exam.  The program provides comprehensive coverage of all of the skills and domains needed to perform to the highest standard in the exam. The program provides candidates with the ability to synthesise their knowledge of pathogenesis, clinical signs, investigative findings, differential diagnoses, management and treatment plans, in order to practice as safe and effective medical practitioners. The program combines clinical tutorials and online learning, supported by an expert academic faculty.


            Subject Content

            The AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Program combines three courses to ensure that enrolled candidates have the training and skills necessary for exceptional performance and success in the AMC Clinical Exam.

            The subjects included within the program include:

            AMC candidates are provided with a method of studying for the exam.  This method focuses on both the content that needs to be covered, but also (and more importantly) how best to study this content.  The subject also includes a study syllabus covering all important aspects of AMC exam preparation and includes full-length trial exams in both the AMC CAT MCQ and the AMC Clinical Exam, each with worked solutions or ideal responses, that provide insight into the depth and breadth of knowledge required for success. The modules cover:

            • Module 1 – AMC Exam Essentials
            • Module 2 – AMC CAT MCQ Exam Trial
            • Module 3 – AMC Clinical Exam Trial

            The Bridging Course for the AMC Clinical Exam (IM201) develops clinical reasoning skills in history taking, examination, diagnostic formulation, management, counselling and education on core topics regularly examined in the AMC clinical exam.  The course teaches core principles, strategies and techniques for approaching the clinical presentation.  IM201 is completed online through IME’s advanced Canvas LMS portal.  It includes 40 comprehensive modules and 40 clinical tutorials, to be completed over 40 weeks and ~ 800-1200 hours of study. The course is supported by unlimited access to expert tutors, all of whom are specialist medical practitioners that provide expert guidance and coaching, individualised to personal requirements.

            The core subject areas include:

            • Medicine
            • Surgery
            • General Practice
            • Mental Health
            • Child Health
            • Women’s Health

            The Advanced Strategies for AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Course (IM202) develops advanced critical and analytical skills and methods needed for exceptional performance at the AMC Clinical Exam.  This is accomplished through the use of multiple clinical trial exams, each with worked solutions, clinical reasoning, exam strategies and references for further study.  To develop their clinical reasoning skills, candidates have access to an expert academic faculty that consists of Australian specialist medical practitioners with a minimum of 10 years experience in the Australian health sector.  IM202 is completed online through the IME’s advanced Canvas LMS portal. IM202 includes 10 full-length clinical trial exams (total of 160 cases).  This course allows candidates to develop and refine medical knowledge through case-based learning, to develop exam strategy, to realise and attenuate weaknesses and to develop a higher level of understanding of the concepts required to maximise performance at the AMC Clinical Exam.


            Candidates access the above theory modules via IME's dedicated student portal.  This Online Learning Management System also provides the student with various tools and advanced e-learning strategies to facilitate their learning.

              Entry requirements

              The AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Program (IM400) is designed for international medical graduates who wish to pursue a future career in medicine in Australia. To be eligible to enrol in this program, candidates must have completed an internationally recognised medical degree and passed the AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Examination. For further information about eligibility, please contact us.

                How to enrol

                To enrol in this course and make payment, click on the ‘Enrol’ button at the top of the page. Access is provided to students within 24 hrs.

                Course fees include access to the online modules and workshops for 365 days. Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application. Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.


                Exit Examination

                The formal exit examination for this course consists of the Australian Medical Council AMC MCQ CAT examination.  This examination is conducted and operated independently through the Australian Medical Council.  The costs of this examination is not included in the course fees for IM400.


                This IME International course is designed by Specialist Doctors and Senior Lecturers from leading Australian University Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals. Minimum qualification standards include MBBS with specialist qualification and registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All courses are delivered by experienced lecturers with proven success in the medical space. 

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