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Course code

Course code


Course scope


Medicine Admissions Interview Preparation

Course workload

Course workload

Personal Mentorship + Self-Paced Learning

Delivery method

Delivery method

IME classroom & online

Contact time

Contact time

4 Personal Tutorials


No. of modules


Access duration

Access duration

1 year



$1,497.00 AUD

Payment & Booking

About the Program

The Medicine Application & Interview Mentorship Program (IN600) is an exclusive and personalised interview and application mentoring program which represents the highest standard of preparation possible. Students are thoroughly prepared for their medicine interview via a personalised set of tutorials along with access to both the live and online medicine interview courses.

This exclusive program utilises the experience and insights of the IME Academic Faculty. Each student enrolled in IN600 is allocated a member of the Academic Faculty as their personal program tutor and mentor.

    Program Structure

    This program aims to ensure student success within Medicine Applications & Admissions Interviews by providing personal mentorship. Overall, students will receive:

    • Student specific review and recommendations for medical school applications 
    • Personalised and private interview tutorials with a member of the academic faculty
    • Unlimited access to personal program tutor
    • Access to Medicine Interview Online Course (IN301) 
    • Access to Live Medicine Interview Workshop (IN302)  or additional 4-hours personal interview tuition

    Program Content

    The Medicine Application & Interview Mentorship Program is comprised of a portfolio of the most intense interview preparation subjects that IME has to offer. In addition, students are provided with supplementary courses, resources, and services available exclusively in the Program.

    • Student-specific review and recommendations for their medical school application
    • Medical school portfolio review (if required)
    • Personalised interview preparation study plan which can be tailored to be completed over a custom timeframe (minimum 3 weeks) 
    • Unlimited online access to personal program tutor
    • Regular follow-up and progress review throughout program

    4 x 1-hour Personal one-on-one tutorials (held in-person or online via Zoom interface).

    Personal Tutorial 1 – Structuring Your Response: The first personal tutorial held between the candidate and tutor will focus on structuring a response to an interview question or scenario. This is a vital first step to preparing for the medical school interview and this must be understood prior to progressing to the competencies tutorials.

    Personal Tutorial 2 – Core Competencies 1: Each core competencies session focuses on scenarios/interview questions relevant to the specific competencies assessed by the candidate’s school of interview (where this is known). Where the school is unknown, universal competencies will be discussed and addressed.

    Personal Tutorial 3 – Working through scenarios: After specifically addressing the core competencies, candidates are given the opportunity to further practice their interview skills with their tutor.

    Personal Tutorial 4 – Summative Assessment: Summative assessment is conducted via a complete MMI lasting 45 minutes. The MMI is then discussed with feedback given to the candidate regarding their performance, and areas of improvement that require attention prior to their formal interview.


    The Medicine Interview Online Course (IN301) is an online course created for those preparing for the medicine interview via correspondence. Candidates are provided with 100 medical interview questions as well as exemplar responses. Additionally, candidates have access to the medicine interview theory modules to assist preparation. Candidates are thus provided with the materials and also the skills required to perform in the high-pressure Medical and Dental admissions interview.

    In total, students receive 100 Interview questions/scenarios that have been previously used at Australian Medical School Admissions Interviews.  Detailed ideal responses are provided for each scenario. Students are able to work through the scenarios at their own pace via IME's dedicated student learning portal. Additionally, candidates have access to the medicine interview theory modules to assist preparation. These modules are outlined below. 

    Module 1: Introduction to the Medical/Dental School Interview scenarios: understanding the purpose, intent and success criteria for medicine admissions interviews.

    Module 2: Giving/Taking Instructions: displaying confidence, technical communication and appropriate social skills, dealing with frustration, maintaining a sense of proportion in the face of the task.

    Module 3: Emotional Communication: demonstrating mature social skills and a realistic perspective.

    Module 4: Problem Solving: demonstrating the ability to take a comprehensive approach to a problem while maintaining a sense of proportion.

    Module 5: Resilience and Maturity: demonstrating life experience and a realistic outlook in dealing with problems.

    Module 6: Enthusiasm for Medicine: exploring curiosity and enthusiasm about Medicine and lifelong learning.

    Module 7: Ethics: demonstrating a grounded perspective and an awareness of ethics as an issue.

    Module 8: Awareness of Common Issues in Medicine: using Rural Medicine as a focus to demonstrate some familiarity with health care systems

    The Medicine Interview Live Workshop (IN302) provides practical preparation for Medicine/Dentistry/Optometry admissions interviews. The live interviews conducted during the course are designed to be completely representative of the real interview. Formats including Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and Semi-structured Interviews are explained and station considerations are given for student University preferences in determining group allocation so that students may practice the style of questioning encountered at specific universities.

    In addition to the experience gained from the live interviews, all candidates will be given personalised advice and strategies for improvement.

    In total, students are involved in a total of 4 interviews (5 MMI Stations each – total 20 stations). Total time allocated for personalised feedback is 50 minutes per student.

    The course materials also include online access to the IME Medicine Interview Preparation Module. This contains:

    • Detailed analysis of Strategies and Techniques needed for success including examples of previous questions and actual scoring assessment criteria
    • Practice exercises for students to complete between the course and their admissions interview
    • Further suggested readings focusing on high-yield admissions interview topics



    Candidates have access to the above medicine interview theory modules via IME's dedicated student portal.  This Online Learning Management System also provides the student with various tools and advanced e-learning strategies to facilitate their learning.

      Entry requirements

      This Interview Program is designed for student who wish to pursue a future career in Medicine, Dentistry or Optometry. Students should consult the specific universities to ensure they meet other entry requirements of the course, and will be eligible for an interview should they be successful in their application. 

        How to enrol

        To enrol in this course and make payment, click on the ‘Enrol’ button at the top of the page. Access is provided to students within 24-hours.

        Course fees include access to the online modules and live workshop for 1 year (365 days). Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application. Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.


        Exit examination

        Performance of candidates will be assessed during the Live Workshop and Personal Interview Tutorials. Candidates will receive personalised feedback and will feel confident entering their actual admissions interview.


        This Interview Program is designed by Specialist Doctors and Senior Lecturers from leading Australian University Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals. Minimum qualification standards include MBBS with specialist qualification and registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All courses are delivered by experienced lecturers with proven success in Medical Interviews.

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